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Edward Weston Hurst

Born  1900
Died  1980

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Australian bacteriologist and pathologist, 1900-1980.

Biography of Edward Weston Hurst

Edward Weston Hurst was educated at the University of Birmingham, graduating M.D. in 1924. During the years 1923 and 1924 he was a Walter Myers Travelling Student University of Birmingham. He did postgraduate study and research work at National Hospital, Queen Square, London 1923-25, and was a pathologist to Miller General Hospital for S.E. London 1926-28, Pathologist to Millbank fund for Research on Poliomyelitis 1928-32.

After receiving his DSc. in 1932 he was associate at Rockefeller Institute, Princeton 1932-34, Member of Research Staff, Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, London 1932-36, Reader in Experimental Pathology, University of London 1932-36, William Withering Lecturer, University of Birmingham 1935, Director of the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide 1936-43, Keith Sheridan Professor of Experimental Medicine, University of Adelaide, 1938-43.

Hurst returned to England to become a bacteriologist in the Biological Department, Imperial Chemical (Pharmaceuticals) Ltd., Manchester, later becoming Head of the Subdivision of Micro-organismal Research, then Pathologist to the Industrial Hygiene Research Laboratory, then consultant to the laboratory after his retirement.

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