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George Henry Fox

Born  1846
Died  1937

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American dermatologist, born October 8, 1846, Ballston Spa. N. Y; died 1937, New York.

Biography of George Henry Fox

George Henry Fox received his doctorate in 1869 at the University of Pennsylvania, and subsequently went for education to Berlin, London, Paris, and Vienna. In 1875 he became professor of diseases of the skin at Woman’s Medical College of New York, in 1879 professor of dermatology at Starling Medical College, Columbus, and from 1881 to 1907 held the chair at the Columbia University, and at the same time, 1890 to 1895 at the New York Post Graduate School.


  • Photographic illustrations of skin diseases.
    New York, E. B. Treat, 1880, 2nd edition, 1889.
    A detailed and authoritative text supplements the nearly 100 hand-coloured photographs in this fine dermatological atlas.
  • Photographic illustrations of skin diseases.
  • Photographic illustrations of cutaneous syphilis.
    New York, 1885.
  • The use of the electricity in the removal of superfluous hair.
    Detroit, 1886.
  • Skin diseases of children. New York, 1897. vPhotographic atlas of diseases of the skin.
    Philadelphia and London, 1900-1905.
  • A practical treatise on small-pox. Philadelphia, 1902.
  • Reminiscences. New York, 1926.

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