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Edward Franklin Bland

Born  1901

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American cardiologist, born 1901.

Biography of Edward Franklin Bland


  • E. F. Bland and Richard Harwood Sweet (1901-):
    A venous shunt for marked mitral stenosis.
    American Practitioner, Louisville, Kentucky, 1948, 2: 756-761.
    First pulmonary-azygos shunt operation for relief of mitral stenosis. Two further patients were operated upon later the same year; all three are reported upon in Journal of the American Medical Association, Chicago, 1949, 140: 1259. A similar procedure was successfully employed idenpendently by F. d’Allaines and his colleagues in 1949 (Mémoires de l’Académie de chirurgie, Paris, 1949, 75: 318-319).

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