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Neurath-Cushing syndrome

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A syndrome combining the features of prepuberal adiposogenital dystrophy attributed to anterior lobe pituitary insufficiency, and gigantism from puberal or preadolescent hyperpituitarism, resulting from hypersecretion of the anterior lobe of the pituitary. The dystrophia adiposogenitalis is often caused by a chromophobe adenoma, by a tumour of Rathke's pouch, or by craniopharyngioma. Giganism or gigantism is caused either by hyperplasia of the anterior lobe or a tumor composed of eosinophilic growth hormone. Either the hyperplasia or tumor elaborating cells produce an excessive secretion of growth hormone. When an excess of this hormone originates during childhood, unusually rapid and marked skeletal growth ensues.

This syndrome is probably a variant of the Launois’ syndrome, or pituitary gigantism syndrome. See under Pierre-Emile Launois, French physician, 1856-1914.

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