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Hopf's syndrome

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Heritable hyperkeratosis presenting with localized, symmetrical, flat, wartlike epithelial nevi of hand- and footbridges. The lesions may be present at birth, or they may appear later in infancy as papules or at puberty as ichtyosis. Opaque, brittle, and striated nails are usually associated. Both sexes affected. Etiology unknown. Inheritance is autosomal dominant.

This a variant of Darier-White syndrome (dyskeratosis follicularis vegetans). See under Ferdinand-Jean Darier, French dermatologist, 1856-1938.


  • G. Hopf:
    Über eine bisher nicht beschriebene disseminierte Keratose (Akrokeratosis verruciformis).
    Dermatologische Zeitschrift, 1931, 60: 227-250. Über die bei Darier’scher Krankheit an Händen und Füßen vorkommenden Keratosen.
    Acta dermato-venereologica, Stockholm, 1932, 13: 720-734.
We thank Volker Paech, Bochum, Germany, for information submitted.

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