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Darier-White syndrome

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A skin disease with onset in childhood, usually around the age of ten years, rarely in infants. Very long list of symptoms include many confluent flesh-coloured keratotic papules forming greasy and vegetating crusted areas, covering the seborrheic areas of the body: the chest, ears, nasolabial folds, scalp, neck, back, abdomen, and groin. On removing the lesion, a porelike opening is revealed. Eventually, the lesions coalesce into large, sometimes thick plaques to form hypertrophic, foul-smelling masses. Both sexes affected. Aetiology unknown. The condition tends to be aggravated by sunlight. Autosomal dominant inheritance.

Some authors consider this as a variant of Hopf’s syndrome (acrokeratosis verruciformis). See under Gustav Hopf, German dermatologist, 1900-1979.


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