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Schultze's acroparaesthesia

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A vasomotor disorder characterized by tingling, numbness, stiffness (acroparaesthesia), anaesthesia or pain in the upper extremity. Symptoms occur especially along the pathway of the ulnar nerve and only during sleep while the patient is in a recumbent position. Most often affects debilitated middle-aged women.


  • J. J. Putnam:
    A series of cases of paresthesia, mainly of the hands, of periodical recurrence, and possibly vaso-motor origin.
    Archives of Medicine, New York, 1880, 4: 147-162.
  • F. Schultze:
    Über Akroparästhesie.
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Nervenheilkunde, Berlin, 1893, 3: 300-318.
  • R. Wartenberg:
    Brachialgia statica paresthetica (nocturnal arm dysesthesias).
    Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, Baltimore, 1944, 99: 877.

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