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Hench-Rosenberg syndrome

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The unusual features of this syndrome consists of the sudden and rapidly developing afebrile attacks of arthritis or periarthritis, occasionally paraarthritis, that continue for a few hours or a few days and then disappear completely. There is pain, redness, swelling, and disability of one (usually) or multiple joints. The interval between recurrent attacks is extremely variable. There are no joint deformities or roentgenographic manifestations.

Hench and Rosenberg suggested the term «palidromic rheumatism», meaning «repeated course». It was entered in the international rheuma nomenclature in 1957.


  • P. S. Hench, E. F. Rosenberg:
    Palidromic rheumatism. A «new», often recurring disease of joints (arthritis, periarthritis, para-arthritis) apparently producing no articular residues - report of thirty-four cases; its relation to «angioneural arthrosis,» «allergic rheumatism,» and rheumatoid arthritis.
    Archives of Internal Medicine, Chicago, 1944, 73: 293-321.

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