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Céstan-Chenais syndrome

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A brain stem syndrome that is a clinical combination of Wallenberg’s or Avellis' syndrome and Babinski-Nageotte’s syndrome. It is a neurological disorder produced by a lesion of the pontobulbar area of the brain due to tumour or occlusion of the vertebral artery below the post inferior cerebellar artery, causing ipsilateral paralysis of the soft palate and vocal cords with ocular signs, contralateral hemiplegia, sensory loss and ataxia. The neurological features are those of Horner’s syndrome.

Raymond's syndrome is another entity, entered as Raymond-Céstan syndrome, under Fulgence Raymond.

Avelli’s syndrome is a peculiar form of alternating paralysis. See under George Avellis, German otolaryngologist, 1864-1916.

Wallenberg's syndrome is a posterior inferior cerebellar artery syndrome. See under Adolf Wallenberg, German internist, 1862-1949.

Babinski-Nageotte syndrome is a medullary tegmental paralysis. See under Joseph Jules François Felix Babinski, French neurologist, 1857-1932.


  • E. J. M. R. Cestan, L. J. Chenais:
    Du myosis dans certaines lésions bulbaires en foyer (hémiplégie du type Avellis associée au syndrome oculaire sympathique).
    Gazette des hôpitaux, Paris, 1903, 76: 1229-1233.

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