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Cotugno's syndrome

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A syndrome marked by pain in the lower back and hip radiating down the back of the thigh into the leg. Sometimes associated with paraesthesia and weakness. Movement, sneezing and coughing, worsens it. Occurs most in males; onset usually abrupt. It is usually due to a herniated lumbar disk comprising the L5 or S1 root.

See also Landouzy’s syndrome (muscular atrophy associated with sciatica), under Louis Théophile Joseph Landouzy, French physician, 1845-1917.


  • D. F. A. Cotugno:
    De ischiade nervosa commentarius.
    Napoli, Fratres Simonis, 1764.
    An elegant hundred page monograph for the first time featuring the nervous origin og sciata, as oposed to the belief, then current, that the mischief is always in the ischium, bone or joint.

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