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The excision of the fallopian tubes and ovaries for inflammatory disease. 


R. Battey:
•  Normal ovariotomy—case. Atlanta Medical and Surgical Journal, 1872, 10: 321-329.

R. L. Tait:
•  Removal of normal ovaries. British Medical Journal, 1879, 1: 813-814.
   Tait reported that he had performed Battey's operation on August 1, 1871,
   16 days before Battey.

William Williams Keen (1837-1932):
•  Three Cases of Removal of the Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes (Tait's Operation).
   Transactions & Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia,
   Baltimore, 3rd series, 1885, 8: 205-211.
   Also in: Philadelphia Medical Times, Philadelphia, 1885/1886: 343-346.

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