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Hypertrophy of the lower limb associated with vascular nevi, osteosclerosis, and acrocyanosis.
Described by Al R?dulescu in 1935. No similar case was found in this time.


I. Homorodeanu, G. Bercu:
•  [Apropos of a clinical case of Radulescu's syndrome (congenital partial
   gigantism associated with a naevus flammeus)]. [Article in French]
  Annales de chirurgie infantile, Paris, July-September 1968, 9, 3: 257-259

M. Brauc?r, I. Cotescu:
•  Hipertrofie totala al unula din membreie inferioare insotita de osteoscleroza
   in benzi, nev plan vascular si acrocianoza.
   [Total hypertrophy of 1 lower limb associated with/banded osteosclerosis,
   vascular flat nevus and acrocyanosis]. [Article in Romanian]
   Revista de chirurgie, oncologie, radiologie, O.R.L., oftalmologie
   stomatologie. Chirurgie, Bucuresti,  May-June 1976, 25 (3): 203-210.
   The authors present two cases of R?dulescu syndrome, identical
   with the first case, demonstrated  with clinical, radiological and
   morphopathologic elements. A detailed differential diagnosis is made, which
   confirms the R?dulescu syndrome, a separate, well-defined morbid entity.

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