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Chopart's amputation

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Disarticulation of the forefoot at the midtarsal joint, with the calcaneus, talus, and other parts of the tarsus being retained, with the soft parts of the sole of the foot to cover the stump. The procedure was first described by Chopart's student Lafiteau in Antoine François Fourcroy’s La médecine éclaire par les sciences physiques, T. IV, 1792.


  • Antoine François Fourcroy (1755-1809):
    La médecine éclairée par les sciences physiques, ou Journal des découvertes relatives aux différentes parties de l'art de guéri.
    Four volumes. Paris, chez Buisoon, 1791-1792.
    This work edited by Fourcroy contains in volume 4 (pp. 85-88) the first description og Chopart's method of partial amputation of the foot. This is in the form of a note by Lafiteau (also spelled Laffiteau) in volume 4, 1792: "Observation sur une amputation partielle du pied". Lafiteau also named "Chopart's joint", the astragaloscaphoid and calcaneo-cuboid articulation.

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