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Holth's operation

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Sclerotomy followed by an iridencleisis – a punch procedure done to remove sclera.

We have received this description from William Charles Caccamise Sr:

"The the surgical creation of a permanent drain by incarceration of a slip of the iris within a sclerocornea incision to act as a wick through which the aqueous is filtered from the anterior chamber to the subconjunctival tissues (Holth operation); done to reduce intraocular pressure. ]

In 1907, Holth brought forward his method of iridencleisis, which was the result of his observations that in glaucoma iridectomy was more prone to reduce the tension if the pillars of the iris were prolapsed into the wound. He made a radial incision in the iris after making the prolapse, and allowed the pillars to heal in the corneal wound. He insisted that the pigment epithelium did not heal firmly in the wound, and for that reason the iris should be everted. "


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