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Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome

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Syndrome of conjunctivitis, retrotarsal conjunctival granulations, regional preauricular and cervical lymphadenitis, and fever. It is almost invariably unilateral. It is a complication of cat scratch disease, by some authors considered an obsolete term for the ocular-glandular form of tularaemia. Both sexes affected; more frequent in children.

The disease picture was described by Perinaud in 1889, which is more than two decades before the agent of tularemia (Franciscella tularensis) was discovered. The American ophthalmologist Harold Gifford (1858-1929) suggested the eponymic designation in 1898.

Petzetakis’ disease is a cat-scratch disease without ocular granuloma or conjunctivitis.


  • H. Parinaud, Xavier Galezowski (1832-1907):
    Conjunctivite infectieuse transmise par les animaux.
    Annales d’oculistique, Bruxelles, 1889, 101: 252-253.

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