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Ledderhose's disease

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Contracture of the foot – clawfoot – similar to Dupuytren's contracture of the finger, caused by plantar aponeurositis and fibrous nodules of the flexor tendons. Frequently associated with Dupuytren's disease and Peyronie's disease. Both sexes affected, onset usually at young age. Asymptomatic, then pain on walking. Signs are multiple fibrous nodules adherent to the plantar aponeurosis, localized in the medial region of the plantar arch. Aetiology unknown.

Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, French surgeon, 1777-1835.
François de la Peyronie, French surgeon, 1678-1747.

We thank Joseph Constantin, France, for information submitted.


  • G. Ledderhose:
    Über Zerreisungen der Plantarfascie.
    [Langenbeck's] Archiv für klinische Chirurgie, Berlin, 1894, 48: 853-856.

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