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Pasini-Pierini disease

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A progressive skin disease, characterized by depressed bluish violaceous or brownish-blue lesions with smooth surfaces. They may be round or oval and vary in size from a few centimetres to large patches. Deep blood vessels are visible beneath the lesions as faint, blurred streaks. The lesions are distributed chiefly on the trunk and back. Oedematous changes in the collagen bundles of the deep cutis are the principal pathological features. Affects more females than males, and most common in young women.


  • A. Pasini:
    Atrofodermia idiopatica progressiva (studio clinico ed istologico).
    Giornale italiano delle malattie veneree e della pelle, Torino, 1923, 64: 785-809.
  • L. Pierini, D. Vivoli:
    Atrofodermia idiopatica progressiva (Pasini).
    Giornale italiano delle malattie veneree e della pelle, Torino, 1936, 77: 403-409.

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