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Drummond-Talma operation

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Operation for the relief of ascites in cirrhosis of the liver: fixation of the omentum (omentofixation) to the anterior abdominal wall (intra- or extraperitoneal) in order to establish anastomoses between the porta and cava system

In his paper, Talma says that the operation had been performed already in 1896 on his suggestion by Albert Narath (Germany, 1864-1924) and Anton Freiherr von Eiselberg (Austria, 1860-1939).

Described by David Drummond and Morrison/Morison in 1896. Uncertain Mor(r)ison. Could be James Rutherford Morison, British surgeon, 1853–1939.


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  • H. Kus:
    [On the indications for and the technical execution of Talma's operation] [Article in German]
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