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Sourdille's operation

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Fenestration operation. Uniting a neotympanic system to a labyrinthine fistula for the cure of progressive hearing loss in patients with otosclerosis. It was improved by Julius Lempert (1890-1968) in 1938. The fenestra operation is now replaced by stapes operations.


  • M. L. J. M. Sourdille:
    New technique in the surgical treatment of severe progressive deafness from otosclerosis.
    Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, New York, 1937, 13: 673-691.
    First successful attempt to restore hearing in otosclerosis by fenestration.
  • J. Lempert:
    Improvement of hearing in cases of otosclerosis: a new, one stage surgical technique.
    Archives of Otolaryngology, Chicago, July 1938, 28: 42-97.
    It was Lempert's one-stage endaural open operation that gave the fenestration operation the worldwide acceptance it gained.
  • Ermiro Estevam de Lima (1901-1997):
    A Otosclerose. A via Supra-meatica. Oficinas Alba-graficas, 1943. Rio de janeiro.
  • O. Popper:
    Fenestration of the labyrinth. Transtympanic Fenestration.
    S. Laryng.Otol. 61: 441, 1946.
    (We do not know which journal is referred to - can you help?)
  • G. Shambaugh:
    Fenestration Operation for Otosclerosis.
    Acta Oto-Laryngologica; Supplementum LXXLX, 1949.
  • I. P. Poulsen:
    Popper's operation for otosclerosis; results of 140 cases observed in more than 2 years.
    Acta oto-laryngologica, August-October 1953, 43 (4-5): 466-473.

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