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Tapia's syndrome

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A variant of the Jackson-MacKenzie syndrome characterized by paralysis of the pharynx and larynx on one side and atrophy of the tongue on the opposite side. Caused by dysfunction of the accessory (tenth) and hypoglossal (twelfth) cranial nerves on the side in which the pharynx is affected. Sometimes the 9th nerve is involved.


  • A.G. Tapia:
    Un caso de parálisis del lado derecho de la laringe y de la lengua, con parálisis del esterno-cleido-masstoidea y trapecio del mismo lado; accompañado de hemiplejia total temporal de lado izquierdo del cuerpo.
    El siglo médico, Madrid, 1905, 52: 211-213. Un nouveau syndrome; quelque cas d'hémiplégie dy larynx et de la langue avec ou sans paralysie du sternocleïdo-mastoïdien et du trapèze. Archives internationales de laryngologie, d'otologie et de rhinologie, 1906, 22: 780-785.
  • B. S. Schoenberg, E. W. Massey:
    Tapia's syndrome. The erratic evolution of an eponym.
    Archives of Neurology, Chicago, May 1979, 36 (5): 257-260.

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