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Purkinje-Sanson images

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Three images of the same object, produced by reflections from the surface of the cornea and the anterior and posterior surface of the lens. The images on the two anterior surfaces are virtual and noninverted, and the image on the posterior surface is real and inverted. For the most part, the viewer adapts to this phenomenon and ignores these normal images. The Danish ophthalmologist Marius Hans Erik Tscherning (1854-1939) used Sanson's reflex images in his studies of the morphological changes of the lens surfaces in accommodation.


  • J. E. Purkinje:
    Commentatio de examine physiologico organi visus et systematis cutanei.
    Breslau, 1823. With his renowned classification of the fingerprints.

    Versuche zur Physiologie der Sinne. 2 volumes. Berlin, 1823-1825.

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