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A fatal rickettsial disease of cattle, sheep, and goats and some wild ruminants in sub-Saharan Africa and on certain islands in the Indian Ocean. It is marked by fluid accumulation in the pleura, pericardium, and pleural cavity. It is caused by Cowdria ruminantium.


  • E. V. Cowdry:
    Studies on the etiology of heartwater I. Observation of a rickettsia, Rickettsia ruminantium (n. sp.), in the tissues of infected animals.
    The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1925, 42 (2): 231-252.
  • Studies on the etiology of heartwater II. Rickettsia ruminantium (n. sp.) in the tissues of ticks transmitting the disease. <(i>
    The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1925, 42: 253-274. Studies on the etiology of heartwater III. The multiplication of Rickettsia ruminantium within the endothelial cells of infected animals and their discharge into the circulation.
    The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1926, 44: 803-814.

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