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Lortat-Jacob and Civatte syndrome

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A rare condition of the glans penis. The course is progressive, initially causing phimosis, then the development of a tumour with a verrucous appearance, and a well demarcated white keratotic layer which covers the glans. The aetiology is unknown.


  • E. Lortat-Jacob and J. Civatte:
    Balanite pseudo-epitheliomateuse keratosique et micacée.
    Bulletin de la Société française de dermatologie et de syphiligraphie et de ses filiales, 1961, 68:164-167.
  • E. Lortat-Jacob and J. Civatte:
    [Leuko-keratotic pseudocarcinomatous balanitis (synechial balanitis with keratotic course)]. Article in French.
    La presse médicale, Paris, December 25, 1968, 76 (51): 2431-2433.

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