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Schmidt-Strasburger diet

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A daily diet used to facilitate examination of the stools in various types of diarrhoea. It consists of milk, zwieback, eggs, butter, beef, boiled potato, and gruel.


  • A. Schmidt, J. Strasburger:
    Die Faeces des Menschen. With Julius Strasburger. Berlin 1903; 3rd edition 1915.
  • A. Schmidt:
    Die Funktionspr├╝fung des Darmes mittels der Probekost.
    Berlin, 1904. 2nd edition, Wiesbaden, 1908. Translated into English and French.
  • A. Schmidt and Charles Dettie Aaron (1866-1961):
    The examination of the function of the intestines by means of the test-diet.
    Philadelphia, F. A. Davis Company, 1906. New edition in 1909.

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