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Jackson-MacKenzie syndrome

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Brain stem syndrome with unilateral paralysis of soft palate, pharynx, larynx, sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles, and hemiatrophy of tongue. Caused by dysfunction of vagus (X), spinal accessory (XI), and hypoglossal (XII) nerves, usually due to a lesion affecting one lateral half of medulla oblongata.

The eponyms Avellis’s syndrome, Collet-Sicard syndrome, Schmidt’s syndrome, and Tapia’s syndrome have also been used for this condition. These are (or will be) entered as separate entities, under:

George Avellis, German otolaryngologist, 1864-1916,
Frédéric Justin Collet, French otolaryngologist, 1870-1966,
Antonio Garcia Tapia, Spanish otolaryngologist, 1875-1950, and
Adolf Schmidt, German internist, 1865-1918, respectively.


  • J. H. Jackson:
    In: Clinical Lectures and Reports by the Medical and Surgical Staff of the London Hospital. London 1864, 1: 368. On a case of paralysis of the tongue from hæmorrhage in the medulla oblongata.
    The Lancet, London, 1872, 2: 770-773. Paralysis of tongue, palate, and vocal cord. The Lancet, London, 1886, 1: 689-690.
  • S. MacKenzie:
    Two cases of associated paralysis of the tongue, soft palate, and vocal cord on the same side. Transactions of the Clinical Society of London, 1886, 19: 317-319.

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