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Jackson's cerebellar syndrome

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A syndrome of seizures caused by midline cerebellar tumour. The seizures are sometimes preceded by a loud cry. The head is drawn back and back curved, hands clenched, forearms flexed, legs extended, feet arched backward. A cerebellar attitude – persistent hyperextended posture – remains between attacks. Affects both sexes. Onset at all ages.


  • J. H. Jackson:
    Case of tumour of the middle lobe of the cerebellum: cerebellar paralysis with rigidity (cerebellar attitude), occasional tetanus-like seizures.
    Brain, Oxford, 1906, 29: 425-440.
  • John Farquhar Fulton (1899-1960):
    A case of cerebellar tumor with seizures of head retraction described by Wurffbain in 1691.
    The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Baltimore, 1929, 70: 577-583.

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