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Romaña's sign

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A pathogonomic, early sign of Chagas disease: unilateral severe conjunctivitis and swelling of the eyelid, inflammation of the tear gland, and swelling of regional lymph glands, caused by the entry of Trypanosoma cruzi. The sign has proved of great value in the identification of the chagasic infection in its acute phase.

The term "Mazza-Romaña" is a misnomer, as Salvador Mazza never accepted the specificity of the sign. The term Romaña's sign was proposed by the Brazilian researchers Emmanuel Dias and Evandro Chagas. Salvador Mazza was the director of the institute where Romaña worked.

Salvador Mazza will be entered later.

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  • C. Romaña:
    Acerca de un síntoma inicial de valor para el diagnóstico de la forma aguda de la enfermedad de Chagas. La conjuntivitis schizotripanosómica unilateral (hipótesis sobre la puerta de entrada conjuntival de la enfermedad).
    Mision de Estudios de Patologia Regional Argentina (MEPRA), 1935, (22): 16-25.

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