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Scheuermann's disease

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Epiphyseal ischemic necrosis with onset at about 12 years of age. It usually involves the seventh and tenth thoracic vertebrae, and presents with backache and spinal curvature. The disturbance affects both sexes, but males more often than females. The course is usually benign and self-limiting but orthopaedic measures are sometimes required. Etiology unknown. Some cases are familial with autosomal dominant inheritance and variable expressivity.


  • H. W. Scheuermann:
    Kyphosis dorsalis juvenilis. Ugeskrift for Læger, Copenhagen, 1920, 82: 385-393. Kyphosis dorsalis juvenilis.
    Zeitschrift für orthopädische Chirurgie einschliesslich der Heilgymnastik und Massage, Stuttgart, 1921, 41: 305-317. Roentgenologic studies of the origin and development of juvenile kyphosis, together with some investigations concerning the vertebral epiphyses in man and in animals.
    Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica, Copenhagen, 1934, 5: 161-220.

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