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Wagner-Unverricht syndrome

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An autoimmune disease of connective tissue closely related to polymyositis with inflammation causing changes particularly in the skin and striped musculature. Skin changes are typically wine read or purple. Symptoms include fever, malaise, erythematous rash, usually involving face, forearms and upper back; oedema of eyelids. Aetiology unknown. Twice as common in females as in males. Onset in infancy rare, in childhood usually before 10 year; in adult, predominant 4th to 6th decades.


  • E. L. Wagner:
    Fall einer seltenen Muskelkrankheit. Archiv der Heilkunde, Leipzig, 1863, 4: 282-283.
  • H. Unverricht:
    Über eine eigentümliche Form von akuter Muskelentzündung mit einem der Trichinose ähnlichen Krankheitsbilde.
    Münchener medizinische Wochenschrift, 1887, 34: 488-492.

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