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Damoiseau-Ellis line

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The upper limit of the percutatory demonstrable upper limit of a pleuritic exudate. A characteristic parabolic line of which the highest point is in the middle axillary line.

Garland’s curve is entered as Garland’s triangle under George Minott Garland, American internist, 1848-1926.

We thank Ms. J. C. Ellis, HMC, USN Retired, in Crescent City, California for correcting an error.


  • L. H. C. Damoiseau:
    Recherches cliniques sur plusieurs points du diagnostic des épanchements.
    Extrait des Archives générales de médecine, Paris, 1844. Du diagnostic et du traitement de la pléresie. Paris, 1845.
  • C. Ellis:
    The line of dulness in pleurite effusion.
    Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1874, 90: 13-14. The curved line of pleuritic effusion.
    Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, 1876, 95: 689-697.

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