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Marin Amat's syndrome

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Involuntary closure of one eye when the patient's mouth is opened widely or forcibly. Movements are very rapid and minimal and easily overlooked. Seen following facial nerve palsy believd to be caused by misdirected nerve fiber regeneration.


  • M. Marin Amat:
    Contribución al estudio de la curabilidad de las parálisis oculares de origen traumatico - substitución funcional de VII por el V par craneal.
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  • M. Marin Amat:
    Sur le syndrome ou phenomen de Marcus Gunn.
    Annales d’oculistique, Paris, 1919, 156: 513-528.
  • Mueller-Kannberg:
    Eigentümliche Mitbewegung eines ptotischen Lides bei Unterkiefer-Bewegungen.
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