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Ræder's syndrome

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A neurological disease resembling the Horner syndrome, due to disruption of the sympathetic pathways by a neoplasm of the middle cranial fossa or a primary tumor of the gasserian ganglion. It is characterized by severe unilateral facial pain and headache in the distribution of the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve, in combination with ipsilateral oculosympathetic palsy or Horner syndrome. Reported almost exclusively in males, commonly in their fifth decade of life,

Absence of facial sweating differentiates this syndrome from Horner’s. The first patient described by Raeder in 1918 had an incomplete Horner syndrome with preserved sweating on the side of the lesion and severe facial neuralgia. In 1924, Raeder reported this case and four others.


  • J. G. Ræder:
    Et tilfælde av intrakraniel sympaticuslammelse.
    Norsk Magazin for Lægevidenskaben, 1918, 79: 999-1016. “Paratrigeminal” paralysis of the oculopupillary sympathetic.
    Brain, Oxford, 1924, 47: 149-158.

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