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Pick's disease (Friedel J. Pick)

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Cirrhosis of the liver, ascites, and fibrosis secondary to constrictive pericarditis, which is considered the primary disease. There is little or no edema and no jaundice. It is said to occur most frequently in patients having pericarditiss due to tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, or pneumococcic infection. Onset is usually in childhood.


  • R. Lower:
    Tractatus de corde. Amstelodami, Apud Danielem Elzevirium, 1666, pp 104-107.
  • F. J. Pick:
    Ueber chronische, unter dem Bilde der Lebercirrhose verlaufende Pericarditis (pericarditische Pseudolebercirrhose) nebst Bemerkungen über die Zuckergussleber (Curschmann).
    Zeitschrift für klinische Medicin, Berlin, 1896, 29: 385-410.
  • William Osler:
    On the association of enormous heart hypertrophy, chronic proliferative peritonitis, and recurring ascites, with adherent pericardium. 1896?
    First separate reprinting of Osler's paper on the syndrome now known as Pick's disease, presented at the American Pediatric Society meeting in 1895 and first published in the archives of pediatrics.

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