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Oddi's sphincter

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The muscle fibres around the opening of the common bile duct (ductus choledochus) into the duodenum at the papilla of Vater. These had been described already in 1654 by Francis Glisson (1597-1677) in 1654.


  • F. Glisson:
    Anatomia hepatis, cui praemittuntur quaedam ad rem anatomicam universe spectantia et ad calcem operis subjiciuntur nonnulla de lymphae ductibus nuper repertis.
    Londini, typ. Du-Gardianis, 1654.
  • R. Oddi:
    D’une disposition è sphincter spéciale de l’ouverture du canal cholédoque.
    Archives Italiennes de biologie, Pisa , 1887, 8: 317-322. Di una special disposizione q sfintere allo sbocco del coledoco.
    Reprint as pamphlet from above. Annali dell' Università Libera di Perugia, 1886-1887; 2, volume 1, Facoltà medico-chirurgica, 249-164 and pl. IX.

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