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Cogan's syndrome I

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Syndrome of interstitial keratitis associated with vestibuloauditory symptoms, characterized by abrupt onset of vertigo, tinnitus typical of Ménière’s disease, and usually rapid development of bilateral deafness, caused by affection of the 8th cranial nerve. There is pain in the eyes, ciliary injection, photophobia, vomiting; and a unilateral or bilateral blurring of vision. Unknown aetiology. Occurs in young adult, occasionally in old people; sudden onset, and fast progrediation.

The association of non-syphilitic interstitial keratitis and audiovestibular involvement was first reported in 1934 by Mogan and Baumgartner, then Cogan described four additional cases in 1945. Since Cogan's description, approximately 15 cases have subsequently been reported. The syndrome occurs predominately in young adults but may be seen in older persons. No sexual predominance. Aetiology unknown.

    "I just happened, by chance, to see several patients who fitted into a previously undescribed symptom-complex. One ore more of the patients had been suspected as having ocular symptoms of congenital syphilis. It was my intent, among other things, to disprove this assumption."


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