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Rabe-Salomon syndrome

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A familial blood-clotting disorder that manifests from birth with bleeding from umbilical cord. Other features include episodes of ecchymosis, haematomas, epistaxis, haemoptysis, haematuria, haemorrhage in central nervous system, and haemorrhage after tooth extraction. alternated with long periods of freedom from haemorrhages. Menses may be normal. Due to failure to synthesize fibrinogen causing lack or deficiency of fibrinogen in the blood. Occurs in both sexes. Inheritance is autosomal recessive.


  • F. Rabe, E. Salomon:
    Über Faserstoffmangel im Blute bei einem Falle von Hämophilie.
    Deutsches Archiv für klinische Medizin, Leipzig, 1920, 132: 240-244.

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