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Siegrist-Hutchinson syndrome

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Post-traumatic chorioretinopathy characterized by the presence of granular pigmented spots that occur in the fundus of certain exophthalmic, hypertensive patients who show albuminuria. The pigmented areas occur as round dots of fairly uniform size, arranged in lines. They follow the course of the larger choroidal vessels and extend radially toward the periphery. Rupture of the ciliary artery and choroid ischemia secondary to subchoroidal haemorrhage are the probable causes. Prevalent in females; onset in advanced age.


  • J. Hutchinson, Jr:
    Diseases of the choroid. Transactions of the Ophthalmological Societies of the United Kingdom, 1889, 9: 116.125.
  • A. Siegrist:
    Zur Kenntnis der Arteriosclerose der Augengefässe.
    Ninth International Congress of Ophthalmology, Utrecht, 1899: 131-139.

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