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Sigault's operation

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Division of the symphysis pubis to facilitate childbirth by enlarging the pelvic outlet. Sigault first performed the operation on a woman aged about 40 who was deformed by rachitis, in October 1777.


  • J. R. Sigault:
    Discours sur les avantages de la section de la simphyse. Paris: Quillau, 1776. Précis de ce qui s’est passé à la Faculté de médecine de Paris au sujet de la section de la symphyse des os pubis practiquée sur la femme Souchot. Paris, 1777.
    Analyse de trois procès-verbaux. Faits à l'occasion de l'opération de la simphyse sur la femme Vespres. Paris: Quillau, 1778.
  • Alphonse Leroy:
    Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de la grossesse et de l'accouchement.
    Geneva, Paris: Leclerc, etc., 1787. Historical and practical enquiries on the section of the symphysis of the pubes, as a substitute for the Caesarian operation, performed at Paris, by M. Sigault, October 2, 1777. . . .
    Translated from the French by Lewis Poignand.
  • M. Dumont:
    The long and difficult birth of symphysiotomy or from Pineau to Jean René Sigault.
    Journal de Gynécologie Obstetrique et Biologie de la Reproduction, Paris, 1989, 11-21.
    Referring to the French obstetrician Severin Pineau, or Pineaus.

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