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Charcot's syndrome I

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No longer used designation for an intermittent gait disturbance caused by oblitering angiopathy with reduced circulation of blood in the musculature of the legs. There is pain, cramps, discomfort, tension, and weakness, most commonly appearing after a physical effort and disappearing after rest. The condition is symptomatic of a variety of vascular diseases, including Buerger disease, and the disease picture is similar to that of dysbasia angiosclerotica. Usually observed in elderly persons.


  • J. M. Charcot:
    Sur la claudication intermittente observé dans un cas d’obliteration complète des artères iliaques primitives.
    Comptes rendus des seances de la Société de biologie, Paris, 1858; Mémoires, 1859, 2nd series; 5: 225-258.

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