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Lermoyez's syndrome

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A variant of Ménière’s syndrome characterised by attacks of tinnitus and diminished hearing/deafness followed by vertigo after which hearing improves. Vomiting and nausea usually occur. Onset in the third and fourth decade of life as opposed to Ménière’s syndrome’s onset in the 50s and 60s). The disorder was originally attributed to vasospasm of the internal auditory artery. Allergy is the suspected cause.


  • M. Lermoyez:
    La Vertige qui fait entendre (angiospasme labyrinthique).
    La presse médicale, Paris, 1919, 27: 1-3.
    Annales des maladies des oreilles et du larynx, 1929, 48: 575-583.

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