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Cazenave's disease II

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A chronic form of symmetrical pemphigus in adults, in which flaccid bullae characterize the early phases and generalized exfoliation predominates in the later stages.

The bullae are slightly elevated and rupture readily, discharging malodorous fluid and revealing a reddish or purplish moist surface beneath. The lesions spread slowly and symmetrically, and within a few months the entire body is covered with exfoliative lesions. The Nikolsky sign and acantholysis are always present.


  • P. L. Cazenave:
    Pemphigus chronique, générale; forme rare de pemphigus foliacé; mort: autopsie; alteration du foie.
    Les Annales des maladies de la peau et de la syphilis, 1844, 18: 583-585.
    The article is unsigned.

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