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Coats' disease

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A disease characterised by exudative retinitis and telangiectasias of the retina, conjunctiva, face, nail beds, and breasts. This is a progressive abnormality of retinal capillaries with retinal haemorrhage and slow progression to retinal detachment, cataract, atrophy, or glaucoma. This term is now used to describe at least six separate retinal disorders. Prevalent in otherwise healthy boys or adolescents (juvenile form). It can be present as leukoria (a wide appearance of the pupil). If untreated it can progress to total retinal detachment. Aetiology unknown. Usually, only one eye affected.

See also Small's syndrome, or Coat’s disease-deafness-muscular dystrophy mental retardation syndrome, under Robert G. Small, American physician.


  • G. Coats:
    Forms of retinal disease with massive exudation.
    Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital Reports, 1908, 17, 3: 440-525.

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