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Charlin-Sluder neuralgia

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A unilateral neuro-ophthalmic syndrome resulting from a neuritis of the nasal branch of the trigeminal nerve. The common trias of symptoms consists of rhinorrhea, pronounced ocular and orbital pain at the inner angle of the eye at the side of the frontal nerve; and paroxysmal congestion of the anterior segment of the eye, with superficial keratitis and serous iritis.


  • G. Sluder:
    Nasal neurology, headaches, and eye disorders. St. Louis, 1927.
  • C. Charlin:
    El sindrome del nervio nasal. Dia Méd, 1930, 2: 839. Le syndrome du nerf nasal.
    Annales d’oculistique, Rio de Janeiro, 1931, 168: 86-102. El sindrome del nervo nasa y sus formas lavadas. Dia méd, 1931, 4: 35. La sindrome del nervo nasale. Bollettino d'oculistica, 1931, 10: 921:936.

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