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Ringer's solution

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Also known as Ringer’s irrigation: A solution of recently boiled distilled water containing 8.6 gm sodium chloride, 0.3 gm potassium chloride, and 0,33 gram calcium chloride per litre – the same concentrations as their occurrence in body fluids. Ingredients are: NaCL 6 g, KCL 0,075 g, CaCl2 0,1 g, NaHCO3 0,1 g.

Ringer experimented with various solutions containing the chlorides of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, in order to obtain a suitable physiological saline solution which would keep the heart beating outside of the body. Several different formulas are now used. Variants are called Locke's or Tyrode's solution. Locke's, or Ringer-Locke solution, containins more glucose and sodium, and is particularly used for mammals.

See also Locke's solution and Tyrode's solution, under Frank Spiller Locke, English physiologist, 1871-1949, and Maurice Vejux Tyrode, American pharmacologist, 1878-1930, respectively.


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