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Sutton's naevus

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A skin disorder characterized by a sharply defined halo of hypomelanosis (0,5-1,0 cm) developing around a cutaneous nevus in the process of destruction. Some nevi undergo active changes and become erythematous, raised, and crusted. The phenomenon is observed usually with lesion on the trunk; less frequently on the head; seldom on the extremities. The disturbance occurs in the first or second decade of life. The central nevus tends to disappear slowly. In 30% of patients development of vitiligo. Familial occurrence (autosomal recessive reported).


  • R. L. Sutton:
    An unusual variety of vitiligo (leucodema acquisitum centrifugum).
    Journal of Cutaneous Disease Including Syphilis, Chicago, 1916; 34: 797-800.

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