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Mikulicz's disease

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Benign and chronic dacryoadenitis with bilateral painless swelling of lacrimal and salivary glands and decreased or absent lacrimation. Associated with dry mouth and dry eyes but no arthritis, and vision blurring. It may be caused by tuberculosis, leukaemia, lymphosarcoma, poisoning, sarcoidosis, syphilis, or gout. Onset may occur in conjunction with respiratory tract infection, oral infection, or tooth extraction. Some authors consider this disease and the Sjögren syndrome as identical, but others suggest they are separate entities because of the absence of rheumatoid arthritis in Mikulicz disease.

Mikulicz fist described the condition in a lecture in 1888, and published it 1892. Schaffer and Jacobsen in 1927 reviewed the subject comprehensively and offered an etiologic classification.

Sjögren's syndrome is entered as a separate entity under Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren, Swedish ophthalmologist, 1899-1986.


  • J. von Mikulicz-Radecki:
    Über eine eigenartige symmetrische Erkrankung der Thränen- und Mundspeicheldrüsen.
    Beiträge zur Chirurgie. Festschrift gewidmet Theodor Billroth. Stuttgart, 1892: 610-630. Concerning a peculiar symmetrical disease of the lacrimal and salivary glands.
    English translation in Medical Classics, 1937, 2: 165-186.

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