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Guillain-Alajouanine-Garcin syndrome

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A rare syndrome of unilateral paralysis of all or nearly all cranial nerves in tumours of the nasopharynx and base of the skull (including Schmincke tumor) or lymphoepithelioma) without affecting the brain itself. Occurs in one half of the base of the skull. There is numbness, hypersensitivity or pain along the course of sciatic nerve, low back pain, morning stiffness, sacralisation of the fifth lumbar vertebra (fusion of the vertebra with the serum). The syndrome is progressive, and in its complete form is extremely rare; few neurologists have had the experience of observing one of these unique cases.


  • G. Guillain, Th. Alajouanine, R. Garcin:
    Le syndrome paralytique unilatéral globale des nerfs crâniens.
    R. Garcin:
    Le syndrome paralytique unilatéral globale des nerfs crâniens.
    Thèse de Paris, 1927.
  • M. M. Winter, R. Garcin, J. Derense:
    Paralysie unilatéral multiple des nerfs crâniens.

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