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Dubini's disease

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A disease of childhood characterized by sudden involuntary spasm of muscle, particularly in the neck and shoulder girdle, occurring at long intervals, but with a short and benign course, suspected of being of hysterical aetiology. No longer used term for the myoclonic form of epidemic encephalitis (epidemical cerebrospinal meningitis). Inheritance is autosomal recessive. It may follow Sydenham chorea.

The disorder has clinical characteristics similar to those in Henoch’s chorea. Berland named it in honour of his professor, Étienne Jules Bergeron. However, since this condition was first described by Angelo Dubini, his name is given eponymic priority in this work.


  • A. Dubini:
    Primi cenni sulla corea elettrica.
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    Annal di Omodei, T. 117, 1864.
  • J. Begbie:
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  • E. H. Henoch:
    Beiträge zur Kinderheilkunde. Berlin, A. Hirschwald, 1861.
    In the first edition, 2 Hefte, 1861, Henoch reported 426 cases he had seen in his Kinderklinik. Mimische Gesichtskrämpfe.
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    In this new edition, Henoch reported on 4500 cases.
  • R. Berland:
    Traitement par le tartre stibié d’une forme de chorée dite électrique. Poitiers, 1880.
  • A. Guertin:
    D’une névrose convulsive et rythmique déjà nommée forme de chorée dite électrique. Paris, 1881.

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