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Béguez César's syndrome

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A multisystem fatal familial metabolic disorder with abnormal granulation of leukocytes and susceptibility to infections. Long list of anomalies and malformations, including partial albinism photophobia, decreased lacrimation, hyperhidrosis, pale optic fundi. Progressive neuropathy with muscle weakness may occur. Occurs in infants; children usually die by the age of 5 to 10. Very rare disease. Inheritance is probably autosomal recessive, and so far it has only been observed almost only in cases of consanguinity of the parents. Etiology unknown.


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  • A. Béguez César:
    Neutropenia crònica maligna familial con granulaciones atipicas de los leucocitos.
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  • O. Higashi:
    Congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules. The first case ever reported of qualitative abnormality of proxidase.
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  • W. Steinbrinck:
    Über eine neue Granulatonsanomalie der Leukocyten.
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