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Spiegler-Fendt sarcoid

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A rare form of benign recurrent tumor of the lymphoreticular tissue. It is a variant of lymphadenosis cutis benigna with a greater tendency to spread. The lesions are purple to yellowish, rubbery, elevated papules or nodules, usually occurring on the face (60%), ear lobes, nipples, and scrotum; vagina less frequently affected. Prevalent in females (3: 1). Onset at any age, but more frequently in second and third decades.

Some writers separate this disturbance into two varieties. Variety one is circumscribed lymphocytoma cutis, with no systemic symptoms, except secondary to lesion displacing genito-urinary structures. Variety 2 is miliary eruption of several bluish nodules on face, trunk, and limbs. Itching especially in summer months. No lymph node or spleen enlargement.


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